Red Sox @ Yankees Game 1 (5-6-16)

Well. the Sox lost a disappointing game last night. They loaded the bases not once, not twice, but three times in the late innings and failed to score. The only runs came in the 1st inning with a 2 run homer by Big Poppy (his 7th). The team had a lot of opportunities to win this one but couldn’t seem to get the big hit to score some runs. Much could be said about the controversial strike calls by the home plate umpire that should have resulted in walks to tie the score. It happened twice with the bases loaded. I am not going to say much except it looked like the Yankees had some help from the home umpires in this one. The final was 3-2.

Porcello pitched a pretty good game, although he did not appear to have his best stuff. He gave up the 3 runs on 6 hits and went 7 innings. Layne came in and pitched a scoreless 8th. It was a good enough pitching performance and should have resulted in a win since the sox had 13 hits and only the 2 runs.

It was definitely an unusual night for the team since they were unable to get the hits with runners in scoring position. Let’s just hope this trend does not continue. This inability plagued the team last season, as they had one of the lowest batting averages in the league with runners in scoring position. Once in a while we are going to have a game where such is the case. As long as it doesn’t become the norm, we will be fine.

We fell to second in the division again with last night’s loss. Baltimore didn’t play (rained out) so one would think we would be tied with them, but as it turns out, they have a slightly higher winning percentage, so we are technically in second place. They have won one less and loss one less than us, so their percentage is slightly higher (by.007 %). Practically, it is a two way tie for first.

We just need to pick ourselves up and get back to the business of winning games. The Yankees were helped out a little by luck and a little, perhaps, by umpires, but they have to win some time. That is only their 10th win of the season, so far. Let’s hope things will turn our way today and tomorrow night so that we can still win the series. Let’s not let one game set a trend in the wrong direction. We can and will do better.

So, it’s Price on the mound this afternoon. He seems to have done better on the road so far this season, so maybe he can give us a quality start today. That should be all we need as we can’t have the same bad luck as last night. We need to get last night’s game behind us and continue to move forward and not be soured into some sort of losing streak. Let’s hope we can pull it together.

Big Poppy appeared to be very angry at the missed strike call against him that would have tied the game. I hope it won’t carry into today and that they can have a decent and orderly game not marred by further disruption. We really don’t need the type of display  we had last night.

Farrell was tossed from the game on that same disputed call. I hope things are calm and civil today and the team will not let it disrupt their rhythm and winning ways of late. Perhaps the play will push us  forward in even more earnest. I would hate for it to have the opposite effect and send us spiraling downward. I hope all is civil during today’s game.

Well, if we can get it together this afternoon we should continue on the road to dominate the league. With Price on the mound, we have a good chance of putting one in the win column. Let’s just forget about last night and carry on to victory. Go Sox!




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