Red Sox @ White Sox Game 2 (5-4-16)

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It was a good win for the team last night. I thought all was lost in the first inning when Buchholz came out very hit able and gave up a two run homer right away. He did settle down and actually pitched great, as he is able to do. In the end he gave up only 3 hits and the 2 runs in 7 innings! It turned out to be a great job by him. Poppy continued to hit as if he were in his prime with 3 RBI’s and his 6th home run.The Sox came out on top 5-2. Way to go team!

I don’t know if they proved it for all time, but they did prove at least for a game that they can beat the best. The White Sox had the best record in the AL coming into the game and the Red Sox handled them fine. I think that they proved that they can compete with the best. Whether they continue to do so remains to be seen.

Farrell rearranged the lineup last night and it seemed to work. He had Pedroia batting cleanup, Poppy 3rd and Bogaerts 2nd. Poppy drove in his runs both times with 2 outs so him batting 3rd seemed to make the difference in the game. I don’t know why Farrell made the change; if it was just to face the lefty pitcher or more permanent, but  last night it seemed to work. Good for him.

Buchholz pitched like we all know he can. If he could just pitch like that more consistently, he would be one of the best in the game. Unfortunately, he loses his command at times and when he does he becomes very hit able usually giving up big runs each time. It seems that at this stage of his career he would learn to be more consistent. Maybe he will ere much more of the season is done.

Jackie continues to hit the ball hard though he got only one hit last night. He was robbed on two occasions of extra base hit by outstanding play in the outfield by the White Sox. He did hit the ball hard and it is good to see him hitting like that. Maybe my prediction that this will be the year he learns to hit big league pitching will still come true. He is showing signs of it right now.

The Sox proved, too, last night that they can hit lefties. They ended up with 11 hits and though some still struggled, others seemed to adjust just fine. Let’s hope they can continue to hit lefties well as we move forward. They did see 2 lefties in a row so maybe that helped them adjust. They did just fine last night.

The team is now 16-11 and moved back into first place in the AL East since the Orioles lost. If they can come out of this series with the White Sox still in first it will be great. It should be an interesting pitching match up tonight.

Owens is pitching for the Red Sox, which would normally make me groan in dismay, but the White Sox are also starting an unproven minor leaguer so perhaps all will be well. Going into the game we don’t really know what to expect from a pitching standpoint. Both starters may do fine, or either one of them could give up the big runs. We will have to see what we will see.

If we get the win tonight one must wonder if it is the 4th of July with the team as hot as firecrackers. Let’s hope they can win and continue their  winning ways for as long as it takes. It is great to be a Red Sox fan right now and lots of fun to watch them. Let’s hope it can continue through the rest of the season. Go Sox!

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