Red Sox @ White Sox Game 1 (5-3-16)

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Another one in the loss column for the Red Sox. They were firmly beaten by the White Sox last night. They could not hit Quintana, the lefty, at all and managed only 4 hits over the 8 innings he pitched. The team has struggled against left handed pitches so far this season and last night was no exception. Even Chris Young, who is supposed to be a left handed specialist can’t hit left handed pitching so far. Wright had a good outing allowing only 2 runs in 6 innings, but the only bright spot for the offense was Ramirez’s 2nd home run of the season. Tazawa came in with a 2-1 score and stuck up the 8th, as he does from time to time and allowed 2 runs and recording only 1 out. The final was 4-1.

I don’t think we have to worry about Tazawa as he usually bounces back after a bad outing, but has one every 9 innings pitched or so. Tonight the Sox face another lefty and if they have the same trouble hitting as they have so far against lefties, we will need a great game out of Buchholz, who starts for us. The chances of that happening as probably pretty slim, so we may see another loss tonight.

The Sox better be ready to play tonight if they hope to win. And they need to start hitting left handed pitching.  It is going to be a long season if they can’t do any better than they have against southpaws. Let’s hope tonight they do better and can pull off the win.

There isn’t much else to say about a game in which they were thoroughly beaten. They were never out of the game until the 8th, but could not get the bats going at all so it seemed hopeless. They are no longer in first as the Orioles won last night, so that was short lived. Now that they are playing competitive opponents again they may not do so well. They need to salvage at least one game from the White Sox to stay where they are.

If they can’t do it tonight which, as I said, looks doubtful, perhaps they can win Thursday night when they face right handed pitching again. It’s the Yankees again this weekend so we may still be in pretty good shape after the weekend. They just need to prove they can compete and beat the White Sox, too. Whether they can or not remains to be see. I hope last night wasn’t an indication that they just can’t compete at the top.

So, let’s go into tonight’s game looking for the win, but being realistic  and accepting whatever happens. If they can win tonight they will perhaps prove that they are in the race for the long haul. If not, well, another fate may be in store for us this season. Anyway, let’s look to stay on top and keep the ball rolling! Go Sox!

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