Yankees @ Red Sox Game 3 (5-1-16)

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Well, the Sox got another win last night. It was an up and down affair with them coming from behind twice to pull it out in the end. There were two 2 run homers by Shaw and Vazquez that propelled the team to victory. How about that Vazquez! He hit the game winning homer in the 7th off none other that Betances again. The Yankees lost two of the three they lost to the Sox on Betances home runs. The Yankees kept battling back the whole game and scored 6 runs against Price, who did not have one of his best games. He still got the win though the Yanks tried very hard to win and prevent the sweep. The final was 8-7.

The Red Sox are now in first place in the AL East by half a game. They take on the White Sox next, who are responsible for the the Red Sox being in first because they beat the Orioles 2 out of 4. The Sox will have their hands full in their upcoming series against the White Sox, as they have the best record in the American League at 17-8.

If we can beat them 2 of 3, we may hold on to first place in the division, but that will be tough. They are as hot as the Orioles were when we lost 2 of 3 to them earlier in the season. Still, the Sox are pretty hot right now too, so there is a chance that we can win the series. It starts Tuesday, so we shall see.

Last night’s game was a good one for the Sox and they showed that they can win even when the pitching is not that great. I don’t know what’s the matter with Price. He seems to have a tough time pitching in Fenway Park as he has given up 6 or more runs in 3 of his 4 starts at home so far this season. He is up and down and has not been the consistent ace we were hoping for when he was signed to such a large contract (7 years for 217 million).

Pedroia and Bogaerts continued to hit as they both went 3 for 5 and Xander drove Dustin in for an RBI once. If they continue to hit, we will win a lot of games, as Poppy, Ramirez or Shaw is bound to drive them in pretty consistently. One of the three is bound to do it most of the time they get on base. Mookie was held to only one hit, unfortunately.

The offense continues to do well with 4 or 5, or sometimes even more, hitters having a good game at the plate nearly every game. We had 14 hits over all again, If we continue to hit in the double digits nearly every game we will be hard to beat. I think we are ready to take on the White Sox or anybody else for that matter, as we are pretty hot and doing well right now.

My run of 10 consecutive games on TV is over now, so it’s back to the radio for a few games. Still, the Wednesday night and Sunday night games are on the tube this week. Probably one or maybe both of the other Yankee games this weekend will be on National television too, so I will be able to see them, also. It won’t be bad. I do get more out of watching a game, but listening isn’t so bad either.

Well, it’s on to the White Sox in a couple of days. Let’s hope we can stay hot and give them a run for their money and win 2 of 3 anyway. If we are going to stay in first in the division, we will need to do that. Time will tell what the week brings, but until then: Go Sox!

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