Yankees @ Red Sox Game 2 (4-30-16)

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The Sox played another good game last night. How about that Jackie Bradley! He had two triples and a double, drove in three runs and scored twice. Then there was Mookie Betts right behind him with 2 hits and 3 RBI’s. David Ortiz hit another homer, his 5th of the season!. The Red Sox offense looked alive and well the whole game. Another great pitching performance by Porcello, who went 7 innings gave up only 5 hits and no runs. The final was 8-0.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
NYY 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 0
BOS 0 2 0 0 0 2 4 0 8 14 1
I hope the team can continue to hit as they did last night as they had 14 hits. It seemed the majority of games lately they are getting into the double digits with hits. The offense is doing well with nearly everyone contributing and up and down the lineup they are a threat to score anytime.

The Sox seem to be making their move now and are only half a game out of first. They do face a tough White Sox team for three starting Tuesday. Let’s hope they can win 2 or 3 of those games as well. Then they should be in first by the end of the week.

The pitching has continued to be good, with David Price taking the mound against the Yankees tonight, if the game doesn’t get rained out. There is a chance of bad weather for tonight’s game, but I hope they play it since the Sox are on such a roll they should get another win if played tonight. The team gets a rest on Monday (a travel day) before they begin another 16 games in a row. They just finished 17 in row.

It is good to see them doing well right now, though I am sure there will be times when they struggle as well. They need to win as much as they can now, while they are hot and before they cool off again. Right now they look like one of the best teams in baseball and do lead the majors in runs scored. If the pitching holds up we should have a great season.

So, let’s see how tonight’s game goes and then get ready for some real baseball against the White Sox, who are 17-8 and have won 7 of their last 10. It will be a challenge to take them on, but I think we can do it and come out on the winning side. It should be a good week as we take on the Yankees again next weekend in New York.

Let’s just keep the ole ball rolling and continue to win some games. As I have said, if all goes as it should and there are not too many injuries this season, the sky’s the limit. At least that is how I feel right now. Ask me again after they lose a few. Anyway. Go Sox!

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