Red Sox @ Astros Game 2 (4-23-16)

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Well the Sox lost another close one today. At least it should have been a close one were it not for Farrell”s questionable bullpen decisions. For the last two loses he has seemed to want to depend on minor league pitchers
to keep the game close late in the game and both times it has been a disaster. What should have been a 1 run deficit going into the Red Sox 9th became a 4 run deficit the first time and today what should have been two runs became 5 runs behind. The final today was 8-3. That’s now 5 loses out of the last 7 games.

Buchholz is really responsible for the loss. How many times have we seen him pitch well for four innings just to fall apart and give up big runs in the 5th or 6th. It is a recurrent pattern with him. He either loses focus in the 5th and/ or 6th or he tires early. He would do so well if he could stay away from the big inning, but he doesn’t seem capable. He always gives up most of his runs in losing efforts in one bad inning.

So the Red Sox were not able to overcome the 4 run deficit after 5, but they were trying until the bottom of the 8th when, once again, a pitcher just up from the minors for his major league debut was left in for a second inning and all hopes of coming back in the 9th quickly disappeared. I really can’t understand what Farrell is thinking.

The only thing I can guess is that he has lost confidence in his bullpen and is fishing in the minors for someone to help it out. His attempts have failed miserably so far. I can understand him losing confidence in the pen as it has been terrible thus far, but it is not helping to put two inning pressure on relievers making their major league debut. He has done that twice in a row now, as I said. I cannot understand it. He has given the Sox and us fans no hope of coming from behind to pull one out.

Where does it all lead? We can only wait and see, but the Sox do seem to have the losing bug as of late. Let’s hope they can recover and start winning some games. I’m afraid the opposite seems closer every day. It can still go either way at 8-9, but let’s hope they can lift us out of the agony of defeat that seems to grip the team right now.

Maybe they can pull out a win tomorrow night and so win the series against the Astros. If they cannot it might be a long time before they get back to winning. Houston has one of the worst records in baseball thus far. We should be able to win 2 of 3 against them. Let’s hope Farrell will give us the chance to win for a change if we are behind late in the game.

He seems to have some long term plan where winning every game doesn’t matter. I can remember him seeming to throw some games last year, too. Problem is the team gets used to losing and it’s hard to get back on the winning wagon again. Well, we will see what happens tomorrow night. Go Sox.

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