Red Sox @ Astros Game 1 (4-22-16)

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The Sox played a great game last night. It was fun to watch. How about that Mookie?! He scored 3 of the 6 runs and had an RBI to boot. He almost hit for the cycle, but had two triples, a single and a double. He seems to be heating up again. The Sox got excellent pitching again from Wright, who has been the most consistent starter for the team this season. He pitched 6.2 innings and gave up only the 1 run, which was unearned. The final was 6-2, so we are back at .500 (8-8) again.

 Wright  was left in a little too long perhaps,  as he was laboring through the 6th and struggling to throw strikes in the 7th. He walked 3 in the 7th before finally being taken out. The run scored on 2 past balls that moved two base runners along from 1st and 2nd to 3rd and home.  Hanigan had a hard time handling the knuckle ball when Wright got tired.

The Sox had 15 hits, but managed to strand a lot of runners on base again. They probably should have scored more runs and had the game been close I might have said they didn’t perform well offensively, but with good pitching 6 runs is enough to get the W.

It promises to be a good road trip against Houston and Atlanta, both teams of which are struggling right now. The Sox should do well, but we shall see. If we hover around a record at .500, we may make a run for the top eventually. It was good to see them play a good game and win one. They have only won 2 of the last 6, after all.

Maybe, winning can continue. We can only keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best. Speaking of hoping, I hope Bogaerts is okay to play. He was hit by a pitch in the 7th and had to leave the game. The ball hit him in the hand and that could result in the disabled list if he cannot use it. I think it was his throwing hand. I haven’t heard today, but let’s hope he is okay. We need his bat in the lineup and his excellent defense.

Poppy did not have his best game, but the rest of the team got the job done for a change. The top 3 in the batting order did most of the damage, going 8 for 14 between them  and if they can continue to hit like they did, we may be in for a solid ride this season. Ramirez also had a good game at the plate. Baseball, goes up and down. Maybe we can begin a long upswing about now. It would be great.

Let’s all of us, players and fans, just hang in there and keep the spirits up. We may see consistent baseball out of this team yet. I think they are fully capable of winning it all. We need to just keep plugging away and if Farrell doesn’t make too many critical mistakes, we’re going to have a good season to enjoy.

Someone said they are an entertaining team to watch this season and that is true, but the entertainment is much better when they win. All looks good for this year, if they will just seize the moments and go for the gold. Tomorrows another day and hopefully another win. It is going to be a good season to watch, I think.  Go Sox!

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