Rays @ Red Sox Game 3 (4-21-16)

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Price did almost seem to  have a Rays uniform on today.

That loss was a total disgrace for the Sox. Not only did Price give up 8 runs in 3.2 innings, but the game still could have been won if not for two factors. One was poor bullpen management. Farrell left Cuevas in the game way too long. He should have had one inning and that’s it. I can understand saving the bullpen, but there is also winning the game, which should have priority. Cuevas not only gave up a run, he actually went out there for the 9th when he was obviously spent. Also, the Red Sox had plenty of squandered scoring chances that would have turned the game around had they taken advantage. They don’t seem to be able to score more than 8 runs in a game. The final was an embarrassing 12-8.

It was clearly a game the Sox should have won and was painful to listen to. There goes the .500 mark for the third time so far. The offense would have had quite a day had they taken advantage of their scoring opportunities. They were hammering the ball today, but could not score enough.

Again, the bullpen let them down. It seems we may have some concern about the pen as they have blown 3 out of the last 4 games. If they were doing the job we would have won at least one of the 3 we lost. How can they have such an offensive game (15 hits), but have the pitching let them down so fiercely.  I guess 8 runs is their limit, anyway, at least so far.

It was a long and painful game with not too much excitement for Sox fans as the team was battling from behind from the 3rd inning on. They never could quite get the lead back after going ahead 5-1 in the first inning. As I said it was a poorly pitched, poorly hit and poorly managed game. With that combination, how can they ever win?

They travel to Houston next to take on the Astros. Let’s hope they have better luck (or skill, hopefully) on the road that they had in the home stand. They went 4-6 at home and are now 7-8 overall. Like I said, they should have won today and if they are ever going to make a run they had better learn to win games like today’s.

All in all, it was probably Farrell’s poor use of the bullpen that did them in. They will have better luck tomorrow night, hopefully. I will be able to watch them on TV for the next 10 games. Hooray. Come on let’s get it together for more than just one game, please. Anyway, Go Sox.

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