Blue Jays vs Red Sox Game 4

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Another loss for the Red Sox. You felt pretty good about our chances going into the top of the 8th with Uehara to pitch and Kimbrel to follow. Too bad Koje stunk up Fenway park today. His poor performance was the reason we lost the game as he got only one out and left the bases loaded with the tying run already in. Kimbrel, then, could not save the day as he walked one and gave up a base hit for a total of 4 runs,  all charged to Koje. The sox again managed two runs in the bottom of the 9th, falling short again for the second straight game. This time 4-3.

Big Poppy came on to pinch hit (he had the day off) with two outs and a runner on, but struck out looking to end the game, not what you would expect from him but, nonetheless, the final result. That puts the Sox record at 6-6, which is okay for now, but they have dropped 5 out of the last 8, which doesn’t bode well for the future.

Buchholz actually pitched a brilliant game, allowing no runs on 6 hits through 6.2 innings. Although it was the best start of any pitcher this season, the bullpen couldn’t get it done and the game got away. So, if it’s not one thing with the pitching, it’s another. The pen has blown two games in a row, now that the starters are getting it together. Let’s hope they can all get going at the same time and we start to win some games.

The offense has definitely cooled off. None on the team is really hitting well of late, but there will be periods where this holds true. We can only hope this slump will not last too much longer. The three games they won out of the last eight were not because of any offensive onslaught either. They won those games with pitching and I can only worry about the pen at this point. Let’s hope they will correct their course next time around.

Well, I said at the outset of the series that if the Sox split the series with the Jays they would be fine. That’s how it turned out, so while we are not sitting pretty we are in okay shape at this point in the season. We can only go up from here and the team still shows signs of a potentially good season. If they can just become more consistent, all will be well. They have the talent, if they can just play like seasoned vets, which they are not all, things will be fine. Time will tell. Go Sox!

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