Blue Jays vs Red Sox Game 3

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Well, the Sox have to lose sometimes, I guess. They were simply out-pitched today. Sanchez allowed them only two hits and one run, which they stole, through seven innings. The one run they got was when the no-hitter was broken up in the fifth, with a single, a stolen base on which Hernandez went to third on a wild throw into center field and another single. They simply couldn’t hit Sanchez today and scored two more runs in the 9th, but fell short 5-3.

It was the bullpen that really lost the game. It shows how much we may have to depend on the big three bullpen pitchers to win close games. As I said yesterday, they need to rest sometimes and Farrell must have decided to rest them today. If they had pitched we would have had a better chance of winning as it was a  2-1 game when the bullpen took over.

I am not sure how Noe Ramirez is going to work out. I think he is still considered a rookie, although he pitched some last season. For the second outing in a row, he allowed an inherited runner to score and then gave up a run of his own. It was enough to seal it for the Sox as it gave the Jays a 4-1 lead, which the Sox could not overcome.

Of course Barnes and Ross had their typical shaky outings with Barnes giving up yet another run making the score 5-1 going into the bottom of the 9th. Shaw did manage a two run homer, but that was all the Red Sox would get, ending their mini winning streak at three games. It was good to see Shaw hit one out. We need more of that from him. Of course it wasn’t enough today.

The rest of the offense looked bad against Sanchez, but let’s hope they can bounce back in tomorrow’s game. When I see a game like today’s, I fear a stump in the offense, which can happen at any time. They definitely have cooled from how they started the season, but with good pitching we can still win, which the  three previous games proved. Today, though, they ended up with only four hits, which is poor production. I hope such woes do not continue.

I’m a little worried about the bullpen. We need more that just the big three to win consistently. They can close out a lot of games, but not all of them. They are not supermen. We just never know what to expect out of the rest of them. Will they get the job done or will they not? Let’s hope they do more than they do not. We don’t want consistent losing efforts like the efforts we have seen a couple of times already this season.They need to get it together in the pen, for sure.

Well, there is always tomorrow and we can only hope the Sox do well and can pull out a win. That will give them a win in a four game series, but if they lose and split the series, there is no reason to panic. There is always day after tomorrow and we are not in bad shape, yet.  The season is long, though they do need to start winning consistently at some point. If they win tomorrow, maybe it is now. 4 out or the last 5 ain’t too shabby. Go Sox!

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