Blue Jays vs Red Sox Game 2


That’s three in a row for the Sox. They have matched their 3 game losing streak with a three game winning streak thanks to stellar pitching from David Price and a three run homer by Xander Bogaerts. Price went seven strong innings giving up only two runs and seven hits, striking out eight. Bogaerts homer came in the 3rd, with Shaw driving in Ramirez in the same inning to round out the scoring. The final was 4-2.

Pitching has been the story the last three games as the Sox have given up only seven runs. The offense has cooled off some since they scored only 13 runs in that same period. Still, the offense has been adequate with the whole line-up contributing. It has been different batters coming through in each of the games, which is the kind of well rounded offense we need for the long haul.

Perhaps, as they say, Vazquez has the ability to bring the best out in pitchers and has seemed to call great games for the two he has been behind the plate. This could bode very well for the future as perhaps that is just what the starting pitching needs is a catcher that can call a great game. I hope he stays healthy as he will definitely help the team win as long as he is able. Let’s hope we can look forward to a long, good season with him catching.

The future looks only good and dare I say that we might win 3 of the 4 games in this series, since we have won the first two. Maybe even a sweep? We are solidly in second place in the division, here in the early going and Baltimore is bound to cool off eventually. We could be in first in another ten games. That’s not saying much in the early going, but it would sure help us fans feel good about the team.

I feel pretty good about the team right now. If we can continue to get the pitching we have had the last three games we will be well on out way to October glory. Right now I feel like we could do it, but time will tell. We need to just keep plugging away and if Farrell handles the bullpen well and doesn’t over use the big three (Tazawa, Uehara and Kimbrel) we may go far.

I’m not worried about Kimbrel, but the other two are getting up in years a bit and may not be able to pitch at the pace they have so far. Let’s hope there will be plenty of opportunity to rest them in the future, but if we continue to win in the same fashion that will be fine too. So, things are looking up for the present in Red Sox Nation. We can only hope their success will continue most of the time the rest of the way. Go Sox.

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