Blue Jays vs Red Sox game 1

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Two games of good pitching in a row? That’s what we have gotten the last two games as Porcello pitched another gem last night. He allowed only two hits, unfortunately they were both home runs by Encarnacion that resulted in the three runs the Blue Jays had. Porcello lasted 6.1 innings and only gave up the two hits. An excellent job by any standards and the Sox pulled out at 5-3 victory. If this kind of pitching continues and I know the staff is capable, if they can just get consistent, we will have a good season ahead. One doesn’t want to say too much now as it is way too early and we don’t want to jinx (just kidding, sort of) anybody.

Offensively, the Sox did fine. How about that Christian Vazquez. He comes off the disabled list and shows that not only can he hit, but he can pick guys off the base paths. It will be exciting to watch him this year, I think. Maybe he has better offense than either Swihart or Hanigan and is at least as good defensively. Maybe he can provide a needed boost to an already strong offense. We will see how it goes.

Poppy continues to hit and get another RBI. Shaw also contributed with a big double that drove in two. The offense doesn’t always come from the same sources, but it comes and that is what counts. All in all, things are looking good, as the sox are playing good baseball, if the pitching will hold up for awhile.

Perhaps they can still get off to a good start like Farrell has said they need. He was looking at the first 40 or so games to see where they are at. It will be a while before we get there but let’s hope things are going well at that point. Time will tell, keep those fingers crossed.

The big three came in to pitch the 7th, 8th and 9th again. Let’s hope we don’t overuse them this year, but at the outset of the season, they usually get the job done. Kimbrel is interesting as he seems a little off location for some of his pitches, He, so far, throws as many off the plate as on, but throws so hard that he usually gets the out. He has kept it interesting though, as he did again last night by allowing two base runners and thus the go-ahead run was at the plate.

Well, let’s hope the Sox continue to play good baseball and that injuries don’t disable the team. If we can stay healthy, we really might have a run at this thing. We will see what we will see. September is a long way off. We’ll just have to take one game at a time and keep plugging away. As for last night: good job Porcello and the bullpen, let’s keep it up. As for the future, what can you say, but Go Sox!

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