Red Sox vs Orioles Game 3

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Finally, we got the pitching result we have been looking for as the Red Sox defeated the previously unbeaten Orioles 4-2 last night. Kelly wasn’t what you would call sharp, but he managed to get the job done when it counted and held them to 2 runs in 5 innings. He did throw 120 pitches in 5 innings, so it was a sloppy looking, but effective job. This is the kind of pitching I know the staff is capable of  up and down the rotation. Let’s hope Kelly’s start can get the rest of them going. 

Bogaerts had a good night with two hits and two RBI’s. He seems to be doing pretty well at the plate lately and is good in the field. He did pull one bonehead play at 2nd base after his two run double. On a little bloop pop up behind the base, he was unable to get back to the base in time and was doubled off, effectively ending what could have been a big rally in the 3rd. He looked like he didn’t know what to do on the play and started for third, then hesitated, before attempting to get back to the bag. It was too late by the time he made up his mind what to do. A mistake a young player, as he is, might make.

Bradley did a good job, smashing a triple deep to right which almost went out, but drove in Holt. He then scored on the Betts ground out to 2nd. So, the combo of Bradley/ Betts does it again, which I hope we see a lot of this season. I like Bradley turning over the lineup, batting 9th, with Betts to follow. It is a winning combination to have them barring back to back. And they both have speed going for them.

The score should have been 4-0, though. In the 3rd, Kelly was behind in the count 3-0 to Davis and was foolish (I assume Hanigan called for the pitch) enough to throw a hit-able pitch to the slugger. He hit it out, of course, and gave the Orioles the only two runs they would get all game. The Orioles, later, then did the right thing with Ortiz on a 3-0 count: they did not give him a pitch, but walked him instead and he stayed harmlessly on first until the inning was over. The Red Sox should not have given Davis a pitch to hit on 3-0. Bad call by Hanigan, I think.

Other than that , the game was pretty well played. I would like to see Kelly get his economy of pitches under control. That many pitches in only 5 innings is really unacceptable. He may be lucky that he didn’t give up more runs,. but he did look effective when he needed to be. He did have a lot of base runners, so it could have been much worse.

The sox ended their mini loosing streak at 3 games and evened out their record to 4-4. They have done well enough at the outset and if they can get hot at some point, they could pull well ahead of the .500 mark. The opposite could happen and they lose a lot of games, too. Right now they could go either way or stay around .500 for a while. Can’t wait to see how the season continues to unfold. Go Sox!


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