Orioles vs Red Sox game 2

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Another disappointing loss for the Red Sox. That’s three in a row and what was looking like a pretty good start of the season at 3-1 has become the threat of mediocrity at 3-4. The game had all the markings of a well pitched game for a change through 5 innings. The Sox had a 4-2 lead and Buchholz was doing well despite a two run homer in the 4th. Then came the sixth and seventh innings.

Clay seemed to fall apart in the sixth and gave up three straight hits, one a double that left one run in and men on second and third, nobody out. He ended up being charged with three runs as Ramirez came in and gave up a single to a batter that hadn’t had a hit for his last eleven at bats and the two runs scored. He did get out of the inning, but the Sox had fallen behind 5-4 and it would be for good.

In the 7th inning Ramirez gave up a solo homer and then was taken out for Robbie Ross, JR. who then proceeded to give up 3 more runs. So, once again, poor pitching resulted in another loss. The Sox would add one more run in the 8th but fall short 9-5 at the final tally.

What can you say, but that poor pitching continues to plague the team and there seems already in the young season to be a black cloud hanging over the staff. All the sox can hope for is that management will bring in another quality pitcher, because honestly you cannot use four out of five of the same starting pitchers as last season and expect a different result. So far we are seeing the same as last year, or if anything they are doing worse.

In fairness, the Orioles are red hot right now and have gotten off to the best start (7-0) in their franchise history. They are so hot and the Red Sox pitching so poor that I can’t see a win for us in the final game of the series either. Kelly is starting the game and he will probably get knocked around, although if he pitches as well as he is able there is perhaps a slim chance.

The bullpen has to pitch well, too. Let’s keep Ross on the bench because we never know what we will get from him. He can be adequate, but at times he is horrendous. So, if Kelly can pitch well, maybe the pen can keep us in the game in the late innings. What am I saying, I really expect another loss tonight.

Maybe we can begin to get back on track when we face Toronto. If we can at least split that four game series, well who knows where we can go from there. If we don’t at least split that series we will probably have to get used to the cellar of the division for some time to come. As it went last year, we desperately need pitching if we have any hope this year.

Poppy, was the only bright spot in the game as he had two big hits, a homer and a double, that resulted in three more RBI’s added to his total. He continues to play as if his final season is going to be one of his best. The rest of the offense needs to stay hot as well, if we have any hope of winning games in the immediate future.

Well, we can only wait and see what happens tonight. Let’s just hope that now that we have fallen below the .500 mark in wins that we are not there to stay. Come on guys, let’s get it together and win one for Big Pappy. He is doing all he can, so let’s make his last season a truly memorable one. Go sox!



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