Red Sox Opening Day Fenway

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A poor opening day for the Red Sox as pitching did them in again. This time, however the poor pitching was done by the two off season acquisitions that were supposed to make the staff better this year. Price gave up 5 runs in the 3rd and Kimbrel walked two and then gave up a three run homer to Chris Davis, the first three run homer he has given up in his career. Is this what we are to expect the rest of the way. It would appear   that the poor pitching by starters has rubbed off on what are supposed to be the bright spots so  far. Their good pitching was supposed to rub off the rest of the squad. Let’s hope this doesn’t continue.

The final score was 9 yo 7, with the Red Sox making an attempt to come from behind for the third time in the game, as they had two on with nobody out in the bottom of the ninth and Big Poppy coming up. Unfortunately, as we saw him do on occasion last season at big moments in the game, Ortiz hit into a double play which pretty much ended the threat.

Mookie hit a homer in the ninth to get the rally started, but that is all they would get as they were trying to make up a three run deficit. Mookie seems to be coming out of his slump, though, as he went 3 for 5 with 2 RBI’s. That is a good sign as we need him to get on track again.

Actually, the scoring was good again with the top of the order producing 4 runs and the bottom 3. Good run producing all around, but poor pitching did them in, as it did all last season. The Red Sox are now 3 and 3, but if they can’t right the pitching ship, they will struggle to hold a .500 mark as they did and couldn’t last season.

I hate to say it, but the way they are going right now they are destined to find last place in the division for the third year in a row. Offense can’r do it all, as the team so aptly proved last year. Let’s hope they can get back on track from the mound or it is going to be another long and painful season.

Buchholz is on the mound tomorrow. Let’s hope he can bounce back from his less than great performance last time around and give us a pitching effort we can be proud of for a change. He is more than capable and the Sox badly need a win. I predict that the pitching will improve soon and the Sox begin to win more games. It has to be. They cannot continue to be the bad news bears, or can they? They have the talent, they just need to produce up to their potential. Time will tell.

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