Red Sox vs. Blue Jays Game 3

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What can you say about a game in which the Red Sox offense was completely stymied by the excellent pitching of Marco Estrada. Either that or they forgot to show up today. It’s a little hard to tell which over the radio. Nonetheless they were shutout 3-0 after averaging 7 runs per game for the first four games of the season. Red Sox pitching was adequate for a number 5 starter as Wright went 6 2/3 innings and only gave up two runs on 5 hits. Let’s hope the offense doesn’t go into a slump now and the team a subsequent losing streak.

Speaking of slumps, Betts has gone 1 for his last 21 at bats and hasn’t had a hit since opening day. Let’s hope he can snap out of it soon, as we definitely need our lead off hitter to produce at the plate. I would think he will get it going soon.

Ramirez has been hot with the bat. Even today’s pitching could not keep him down as he had three hits, but was the only bright spot for the team. He seems to be much better suited to first base and is happy there, so let’s hope he can continue to produce well all season. He is now 10 of 21 or there about.

Holt was given the day off today, a questionable decision as Holt never seems to need a day off and his replacement Chris Young stuck out nearly every time he came to the plate. Young is supposed to start against left handed pitching, but I guess Farrell wanted to give him a start against a righty since there are no lefties in the near future.

All in all, it was a game we would like to forget today. We can only hope that the offense will bounce back tomorrow against the Orioles. The three against them should be tough games as the O’s are undefeated as of this writing, although they are holding a slim 4-3 lead over Tampa Bay in the eighth of their 5th game.

We can only pull for the team to rebound tomorrow and they should do well with Price on the mound. If they can get the offense cranked up again hopefully we will get the win. They are now 3-2 and have won their first series of the year, the first three gamer they have played, so it’s still a fine start. If they can win the series against the O’s, they will be off to a good start at any rate. Let’s forget today, then, and look ahead to tomorrow. Go Sox!


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