Red Sox Vs. Toronto Game 1

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The Red Sox were able to do what they often couldn’t the last couple of years and win a tough game despite bad starting pitching. In their 8-7 victory, they did what many great teams are able to do and overcome a 5 run deficit to come out on top. Great teams usually only have to do so occasionally, however. If the pitching woes continue for Boston, they can’t continue to win with offense only.

Kelly did what he did too often last year by pitching adequately for three innings and then blowing up, giving up six runs in the fourth. He seems to have trouble pitching a complete game as a starter, but we can only hope he will correct the ship and be able to pitch at least five innings without falling completely apart. I don’t know if he just loses focus after three innings or gets tired, but we have seen this pattern from him before.

The bullpen bounced back from their last outing and pitched outstanding, going six scoreless innings allowing only two hits. It was encouraging to see them do so. It may be a sign that the bullpen may actually be a strength this season, after all. Consistency, men; we need consistency to overcome. That was one of the stories of the game last night. They proved they can win games with the bullpen. Let’s hope it continues.

The Sox have scored 20 runs in their first three games. I know it can’t continue at that pace, so the pitching must improve. How about that Brock Holt. A grand slam and an RBI double. Once again, the bottom of the order got the job done offensively. If we can continue to see production from them, or alternatively from the top three in the order and Poppy continues to hit, we will be unstoppable.

Poppy hit another double for an RBI. He is proving, at the outset of the season anyway, that he plans to make his final season most memorable indeed. I wonder, if he continues to do well, that he will change his mind about retiring?

So, it was a stellar win for the team last night. The starting pitching is a concern early. Let’s hope that Porcello can break the trend and pitch well this afternoon. Even a great offense can only overcome horrible pitching about half the time. If our starting pitching woes continue, we can’t hope for more than  a .500 season along the lines of last season. Come on, let’s be inspired by Price and get our act together, please. We can’t go all the way without it.

Last night’s game was exciting, but let’s only do that sort of thing once in a while. If it looks like we need to too often, can we say last place in the East for three years running?Time is ticking, though it is early. Can we make the most of it and pitch the way we all know you are capable? kudos to the bullpen, but the starters may  be the death of us yet.


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