Red Sox vs Blue Jays Game 2

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The Red Sox looked good against the Blue Jays today. They finally got an adequate start out of a pitcher as Porcello did what was needed. He actually looked pretty good overall and it would have been a great outing had it not been for the two two-run homers by Bautista. Let’s hope the trend will continue for him and rub off on the test of the staff as well. It was a great game that saw the team come out on top 8-4. Hooray for our side!

Pedroia had a good day going 3 for 5 with 2 RBI, as the top of the order got the job done today. Big Poppy had the day off, but the Red Sox did fine without him. Everyone contributed, even Sandoval as he managed a walk. I don’t think he has any chance of taking the regular starting position away from Shaw, however, as Shaw continues to play well both offensively and defensively. He played first base with Ramirez as the designated hitter in place of Poppy.

Castillo also played center field and had a good game with two hits. It is still possible, I guess, that he may replace Bradley in center as the latter has struggled at the plate for the last couple of games he has played. If he goes back to his problems at the plate that plagued him last year, Castillo may play more than expected. I still look for Jackie to have his breakout year at the plate and bat as well as he does in Triple A. Why shouldn’t he?

The bullpen did well again, pitching three shutout innings. Robbie Ross, Jr. pitched two near perfect innings with Koji pitching  the seventh against the heart of the order and putting them down one-two-three. I like that Koji is freed up from the closer role to give us some quality innings when they are needed earlier in the ball game. Farrell elected to use him instead of Tazawa for the seventh. Probably a wise decision as Tazawa has had a rough time against the Jays in the past and would have faced the heart of their batting order.

So, the offense, the bullpen and even the starting pitching did fine today and bodes well for the future. The Red Sox are now 3-1. Let’s hope they can keep the momentum that not only gets them off to a good start, but carries on through the rest of the season. All looks well if the other starters besides Price can do as well as Porcello did today. Go Sox!

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