Red Sox Game Two

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Well, it was a disappointing loss, but it’s gonna happen. One game is no real indication, but the bullpen looked a lot like last season’s in their inability to hold the lead late in games. The offense is pretty good, but again last night they were unable to overcome the shortcomings of the bullpen. There were some good moments in last night’s game despite the final outcome.

Big Poppy hit another homer, but could not come through at the end of the game. Although he hit the ball deep for the last out, it wasn’t enough. Still, if he continues to hit like he has the first two games it will go a long way toward winning games in the future.

We got an unexpected boost by Holt’s two run homer. It was encouraging on that front. Again, the top of the order did not get the job done late, however. It seems that Bogaerts is in a slump to start the season. Let’s hope he can snap out of it before too much longer. We need him to produce offensively.

Truly, it was Buchholz who lost the game by giving up four runs right out of the chute. He needs to improve if we have any hope of doing well this year. Another 7 and 7 season (or worse) is not what we need from him. Come on Clay, get it together. We need you, buddy.

Still the offense almost overcame that start, but couldn’t come from behind twice in one game, which is a difficult thing to do. That’s why the bullpen was so disappointing. A great come from behind effort that left them, you would think, with all the momentum to pull out a win, but the bullpen could not respond. I just hope this isn’t a precursor to the rest of the season.

Well, just one game. There is still hope for the season, but if they continue to pitch in the same manner as last season, with Price being the only exception, we can expect the same results as last season. Still, we have great hope for 2016! Go Sox!


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