Red Sox Season Opener

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If one game can be any indication (which really it can’t), Red Sox fans have much to be encouraged about in their season opener at Cleveland. The whole team played well for the most part, with a couple of exceptions,  and it was enough to begin the season with a win 6 to 2. If they can keep it up and play this way all season it should be a good year.

Price was the most mention-able of the performances today. He pitched six strong innings and only seemed to falter a little in the fourth, during which he gave up the two runs. We may just get what we expect out of Price this year, as he seemed to live up to the hype today striking out ten along the way. It will be good to have him at the top of the rotation. We can only hope his work will lift the rest of the pitching staff to better performances.

The bullpen also did it’s job with the trio of Tazawa, Uehara and Kimbrel allowing only a couple of base-runners and no runs through the final three innings. If we can get consistent such work out of them, we should be able to close out games adequately, something that was sadly lacking last year.

It was great to see big Poppy get off to a good start. He belted a home run and a double and nearly hit another homer, if the wind hadn’t knocked it down. It seems he is determined to make his last season a great one and if he can continue to perform like today it will be great to see him go out with a bang.

The bottom of the order did well today, scoring two go-ahead runs in the sixth. The top of the order did not do as well, however, with the exception of Betts, who belted a two run homer in the third. I like that combination of Bradley and Betts turning over the order. When they are both on their game, it should result in quite a few runs this season. Good to see the bottom of the order perform well. Such was also lacking last year and seeing them do well today gives us hope for a solid line-up to come.

All-in-all the game was well played and was a good way to start out the 2016 season. This was how they performed for stretches last year. If they can do so more consistently and avoid too many  long periods when they can’t seem to win a game, all will be well. Of course, we can only wait and see how it will go, but they have gotten off to a solid start at least on opening day.

We, of course, need many more games before we can really access their game. Remember last year they started out well winning six of nine at the outset (or somewhere in that neighborhood) and then faltered badly. Let’s give them some time, but still–good beginning!


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