Position Players 2016

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What can you say about the team this year? It is back and the offense should be about the same as last year. We can always hope that certain players do better, but we might as well face it that we are getting pretty much the same guys as last year so it is hard to expect more than we got then. Actually, the offense wasn’t too bad last season. The pitching was the real problem. If we can get a similar performance from the guys offensively this year we may do fine.

Hanley Ramirez is bound to do a better job at first base than he did in left field. Maybe a better performance in the field with help him produce more at the plate. We can hope this is the case, but he really didn’t show us much in Spring Training that would make us think he is going to have a great year. We need good hitting from him for the offense to be what it could be.

It will be fun to watch Mookie Betts  and Xander Bogaerts  play. Mookie will be exciting as the lead off man and when he is on his game will provide some offense. Xander looks to have another great year. If these two play well it will help the team immensely, but we need others to play well if we are going anywhere this year.

Pedroia, of course, always plays well at second base, but his offense leaves something to be desired. If he can handle the bat more consistently than he has done in recent years, we will have a potent one-two-three punch at the start of the lineup. We really need him to do well at the plate and put up numbers like he did in 2013.

Big Poppy may have a typical year for him or he may stumble in his last season. It will be great if he can post his usual numbers and if he can it will go a long way toward the potent offense the commentators say we should have. We need Ramirez to do well so that he can take up some of the slack from our aging hero.

I am excited to see Jackie Bradley put up the numbers with the bat we all know he is capable of. He will be a great center fielder, but we need him to produce offensively as well. He has had some trouble at the plate so far in the big leagues, but has done much better in triple A. I think this is the year that he makes the transition and starts hitting like he has always done in the minors. It will be fun to watch.

I am curious to see how Travis Shaw does at third base. He will probably play better in the field than Sandoval did last year, but I hope he can produce with the bat as well. I was surprised that he was taken over Sandoval to start out the season and I hope he can live up to what Farrell expects of him. Pablo did not do great last year, but he could have helped the offense somewhat just the same. I hope Travis can do as well, if not better with the bat and doesn’t make us regret Farrell’s decision.

Then there is Brock Holt and Young out in left. The fielding should be better than last season as Ramirez was a disaster  out there. Brock will do fine with the bat and help the team in the many ways that he can.

It will be interesting to see how Young does at the plate as well. His numbers from past seasons indicate that he should be a welcome help to the offense. I only hope he can do as well as in the past and not be like so many others that come to Boston and falter for some unknown reason. We have seen this happen so often. Let’s hope it doesn’t happen with Young as well.

So, all in all, the team has the potential to do well at the plate. If our players do as well as might be expected, we might just have a successful year. They will of course struggle at times, but we can only hope their effectiveness outweighs their struggles. At times last season they were brilliant offensively. Let’s hope their brilliance shows up a little more consistently this year and if it does we will do well.  The team defiantly has potential. It remains to be seen if they can live up to it.



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