Starting Pitching 2016

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What do I know about baseball? Not much, but I loyally listen to every Red Sox game at so I thought I might start a blog, since it’s free, about my day to day thoughts on the game and how the team is doing this year. The season starts this coming Monday and I am looking forward to watching David Price pitch his first regular season game in a red sox uniform.

The hope is that the pitching staff will be much improved over last season since it was the downfall of the team then. I’m not worried about the no.1 and no.2 starters at the moment as I think they can get the team some wins, but the next three starters are the same that blew so many games a year ago. I don’t see any indication that they have improved so far, with the exception maybe of Steven Wright, at least as much as I can tell in Spring training.

I guess we will not really know how they are going to do until they are put to the test. Really, it seems that Kelly and Porcello can pitch well for at least half of each outing, sometimes more, but they always have enough bad innings to lose. If they could just break their trend of blowing a well pitched game either in the 4th or 5th inning or sometimes the first, they could both have pretty good seasons. That is what the sox need them to do.

It almost seems that these two pitchers belong in the bull pen because they usually have two or three good innings during which they are unhitable, but then blow the game when they try to pitch a full start. They seem to have continued this trend into Spring Training, but I hope they can get it together as we go into the regular season.

One ace pitcher in Price and one decent pitcher in Buchholz is not enough to have a great season. They need help from the rest of the starting pitchers as well. Wright may do well enough to support the rest of the staff. I actually hold out hope for him to do better than the middle two, although he did not do too great last season. He has the potential to be a good no. 5 starter, I think.

The red sox may really start to get it together once Rodriguez returns in May. With an ace and two decent starters the sox may do well. That depends on whether Buchholz can stay healthy which I have not seen him do for a full season the last three years. They probably should limit his innings some so that he is able to pitch a full season for a change. I doubt they will take my advice, though.

So, the starting pitching looks hopeful for the sox come May. If they can stay healthy we might have a chance to make the playoffs and even go all the way this year. Pitching was what needed the improving this year. We can only hope the managers have done enough so that the pitching can help the offense win games.

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