All Star Break (7-17-18)

Well, it is the unofficial halfway point of the season and the Red Sox are riding high. They now have a 4 and a half game lead on the Yankees for the division which is their biggest lead of the season. They have won all but 3 of their last 20 games and are probably playing their best ball right now. Let’s hope it can continue once they resume the rest of the season on Friday. Continue reading

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Mariners @ Red Sox (6-24-18)

The Sox have been playing pretty good ball lately. They have had their struggles with pitching and scoring runs both, but overall are continuing to hold their own though they at present time are a half game behind the Yankees for the division. Mookie has come back into his own though he is not quite back to the level he was before his injury. We are looking forward to him returning to great form soon. Martinez has had a good game or two and continues to lead the majors in RBI’s. Devers has hit better the last few weeks and Bogaerts has been contributing quite a bit as well. The rest of the team has been doing pretty well offensively as well. The team is really beginning to take shape with just about everybody contributing up and down the lineup. If they could just get a little more consistent, things would be great. Continue reading

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Red Sox @ Orioles (6-13-18)

The Sox have been playing pretty good ball lately. They swept the Orioles as they should but lost 2 of 3 to the White Sox which they should not. Before the White Sox they did manage to win 2 of 3 against Detroit, which was good and resulted in a 3-3 short home stand. Now on the road they have swept the Orioles but will have their hands full against Seattle the next four games. If they can do well against them then it will look like all systems are go, but I was almost ready to say the offense had fallen into a deep slump, though the slump may have only lasted 2 or 3 games. They may be coming out of it already, which will be necessary to beat the Mariners. Continue reading

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Red Sox @ Astros (6-3-18)

The Sox have been playing good ball lately and winning for the most part. There are some major things going on that have affected just how effective they can be but despite the problems they have continued to win. They split the series with the Astros by winning the last two 5-4 and 9-3. The pitching has been good for the most part both starting and out of the pen, except for Sale who has not been pitching up to his usual standards his last two starts. The offense has been good enough but has suffered lately. Continue reading

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Athletics @ Red Sox (5-16-18)

The Red Sox continue to tread water, which cannot continue if they intend to contend for the AL East division title. They have played exactly .500 baseball since their 17-2 start and have now fallen behind the Yankees by half a game for the division lead. If they are going to win the division they need to start winning more games or the Yankees will surely leave them behind. Now is the time to play some good baseball, but the sox have been mediocre at best in the last 6 games. Continue reading

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